Apps made by current teachers for teachers, parents and their children
Apps made by current teachers for teachers, parents and their children

Age 4-7

Your Phonics

Help your child learn phonics with this app developed with a primary school teacher. 
Perfect for children for the phonics screening check.

Your Spelling

A fantastic spelling app designed by teachers for children in Key Stage 1 preparing for the SATs.

Your Times tables & Division

Developed by a Teacher for children to use in class or at home.  Includes the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables, ideal for children aged 5-8 in the developmental order that they learn 

Your Addition and Subtraction

Helps children add single digit numbers, ten and multiples of 10 mentally 
Helps children add 2 digit numbers mentally (without crossing the tens).

Your Number Bonds

Number bonds for kids. Includes build a bond and missing numbers

Tracks progress through star reward system

Your Fractions

This app was developed by a teacher will help your child learn fractions in a fun and interactive way. 
Over 4 different fractions sections with increasing levels of difficulty. Includes adding fractions

Age 7-11

Your Spelling 2

Perfect for ages 7-9. Consists of over 100 Common Exception Words from the National Curriculum 
-Audio function expose children to hear the words

Your Spelling 3

Perfect for ages 9-11. -Opportunities for children to go over spelling errors and learn the correct spellings
Tracks progress through star system

Rewards children by unlocking characters

Ace Pupil Maths

Consists of over 150 exercises.

A comprehensive maths app which includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and shapes
Sections include: double digit addition/subtraction, 3 digit column addition/subtraction, multiplication facts to 12

Ace Pupil Times Tables

- Full times tables with number keyboard to make it more challenging
Opportunities to go over wrong answers later
Unlock fun characters as a reward for doing well. 

Our apps were developed in collaboration with teachers for children aged between 5-11. These apps are much more interactive than having worksheets for phonics, times tables, numbers and more. 

The were developed with progression in mind so each level gets harder as you go along and at the perfect pace for kids to learn and giving encouragement for their development. 


All core aspects of early education are covered including mental maths, times tables, phonics, high frequency words, division, addition and subtraction. 


To learn more just click the button. We know that sometimes you might want more information before downloading apps from the App Store. Feel free to contact us on the support page with your queries.

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